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Dental exam

  • Clinical and radiographic examinations to detect cavities

  • Periodontal exams to detect the presence of gum disease

  • Examinations of the oral mucosa, to rule out the presence of pathologies


Analysis and diagnosis of dental or jaw bone diseases

Biolase Epic X

Aesthetic Evaluation

  • Smile Analysis

  • Evaluation of Occlusal Problems

Dental prophylaxis

  • Removal of stains, tartar and plaque from dental surfaces.

  • Preventive fluoride treatment


​El sistema de láser de diodo Epic™ X es un dispositivo quirúrgico y terapéutico a la vanguardia de la tecnología, diseñado para una amplia variedad de procedimientos en tejidos orales blandos y para blanqueamiento dental, así como para el alivio temporal de dolores menores.

laser tia gaba.png

If there is a problem with your gums: 

  • In the early stages of periodontal diseases:

    1. Removal of dental plaque and tartar existing under the edge of the gum

    2. Personalized training on special oral hygiene procedures

  • In the moderate or advanced stages of periodontal disease, you may require:

    1. Gingival curettage

    2. Periodontal surgery

    3. Bone surgery

  • In solving cosmetic disharmonies:

    1. Gingival graft to cover your gum recession.

    2. Gingival surgery to improve the shape, contour and color of the gums and the smile.

    3. Gingival surgery to improve the aesthetics of bridges.

  • Periodontal Disease is an infection that can recur and requires maintenance. It is very important that after finishing the initial treatment you continue to visit your periodontist and start a special appointment program to maintain a healthy mouth

If you need to replace missing teeth

  • Implants: a successfully proven technique that replaces your dental roots The surgical phase is coordinated with the design and fabrication of the crowns and bridges, which will replace the missing teeth

  • General and cosmetic dentistry

    • Restorations: fillings or resin or composite fillings

    • Porcelain crowns

    • Fixed and removable bridges

    • Porcelain veneers

    • Endodontic treatment: root canal therapy

    • Teeth whitening

Other services

  • Sedation

    • For those patients who prefer to control their stress and fear of dental procedures. Intravenous Sedation is performed by a certified anesthesiologist

  • Medical evaluation and inter-consultation

    • Necessary medical consultations are made with your own doctors, as needed. We want to ensure that your dental treatment will not harm your overall health.


Once your treatment is finished we must maintain our results. The key to the success of your treatment is based on continuous supervision and maintenance of appointments. This will avoid possible future problems


We are a company dedicated to providing specialized periodontal services in Panama since 1962.

Dr. Rodrigo Eisenmann , founder of the Clinic, obtained his Master of Science and a Certificate of Specialization in Periodontology from Loyola University of  Chicago, becoming the first Periodontist in Panama

Dr. Gabriela Eisenmann joined the team of this prestigious clinic, after completing her Specialty in Periodontology at Loyola Chicago University in 1989. In 1994 she was the first Latin American woman to obtain the status of Diploma from the American Board of Periodontics

In 1996 we sought to provide our patients with a broader dental care. Two great professionals joined the clinic team: Dr. Erasmo Arias and Dr. Dennis T. Lindo ; both with extensive experience in cosmetic and general dentistry.  Together with them we made the commitment to provide solutions to the different dental needs in the same location with a high quality service equivalent to the highest standards similar to those offered in the United States and the rest of the world.

We firmly believe in the need to maintain Continuing Education for all members of our team and thus be up to date with scientific advances in Dentistry. We consider it our responsibility to do so, for each patient who trusts our work day by day.


Our goal is to offer you and your family dental services in a comfortable and friendly environment at all times!

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